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The Properties

Features to the properties that will make your whitetail hunt one you'll never forget are:

  1. First class hunting stands

    • We use enclosed fiberglass  stands, ground blinds and ladder stands.​ All ladder stands are equipped with Hunter Safety System Lifelines-we suggest you purchase the harness of your preference directly or through a retailer.

  2. Scent control options

    • Our preference is Nose Jammer products.​

  3. Hidden food plots

    • Soybeans, Corn, Sorghum, Chicory, Brassica, Turnips​

  4. Ponds

    • Both properties have ponds​

  5. Newly renovated lodge close to hunting areas

    • On site laundry if needed​


Hunter Accommodations

There are multiple hunting areas on the properties including Redneck box blinds, ground blinds, ladder stands, and double person ladder stands. The strategically placed stands are easily accessible without spooking game and minutes away from the lodge. There is agriculture all around the area known to hold and produce many deer.  The hunter's preferences and expectations will be talked about and discussed before going into the woods.

Depending on game movement you will be hunting food plots that are hidden within the woods, near bedding areas, and transition areas all near the available stands. We always discuss with neighbors what they are planting so we can make sure to offer the deer something different when it comes to food plots.

Our Outfitter makes himself available for anything you may need. Our goal is to give you the best possible hunting experience.

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