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I have lived in Weyerhaeuser most of my life and have loved that small town atmosphere, but also enjoy traveling all over our beautiful country. I have been a business owner for 20+ years and decided it is time to take on a new adventure. I have always had a passion for hunting in Wisconsin and out of state and had many opportunities to help friends and family get a trophy of their dreams, which has blazed a path for wanting to guide hunts.

I own two properties totaling approximately 225 acres. Both have some of the best hunting in our area.  The properties are just minutes away from each other. One of the properties we have hunted the last 40 years and continue to manicure. I have planned and dedicated many days and nights to making all of my land into a hunter's paradise. All properties are private land.



Currently, our main guide is owner, Mike. 

Mike also owns and operates 4 Seasons Roofing & Tree Removal. He has been in the construction industry for over 35 years.

Mike has a passion for hunting. It began when he was very young hunting squirrels and birds and turned into a addiction when he shot his first buck, a spike, at 12 years old. Through the years his passion continued with long drives from the Twin Cities Area back to Weyerhaeuser hunting every chance he got. Mike purchased his family land in 2000. Mike moved back to Weyerhaeuser in 2011 where his dedication for country living, the outdoors, and hunting thrived. 

He has been to many areas of the country hunting different species including: Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, and New Mexico. With his excitement for hunting comes his passion for the land, cultivating and making it the best it can be. Mike enjoys sending pictures and videos of the animals while he is hunting and will keep in touch with you showing you what he is seeing from the stands. He is known to be sitting in the hunting stand up to 14 hours and has even spent the night so he misses out on no daylight hours.

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